All alarm activations are responded to promptly and thoroughly.

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Alarm Response / Keyholding

Alarm Response

In the event that there is an alarm activation on your property, our mobile patrol vehicle and uniformed officer will promptly react to it once notified by our control room. The guard will carry out an inspection of the property in accordance with your specifications whether it be an external inspection or internal or both. Once the building is inspected, should there be no faults or theft or irregularities, the guard will fill out an incident report form about the alarm activation and reset the alarm leaving the premises secure and alarmed once again. If there is evidence of a break in, you and the Gardai will be informed immediately.


This service involves a set of keys for your premises being securely held by us in our control room. This service generally works well with our alarm response service, where the keys will allow our guard entry to the premises in the event of an alarm activation. The keyholding services also takes the pressure off you the business owner by allowing us to carry out several duties which may include:

  • Letting employees/tenants into the property in the event that they are locked out.
  • Showing the property to potential buyers/investors.